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Is Cremation For Me?

Published: January 30, 2018

Is Cremation For Me?


All good things come to an end and our life is no exception. Mortality is never an easy discussion to have with your family, but it is a very important one. Choices need to be made not only so your wishes are seen through but also to help alleviate the pressure on your loved ones while they are grieving their loss. So, how do you make those decisions and know that cremation is the right choice for you? For some, religious views are factors while others base their decision on what feels right to them.  

We are noticing more people are opting for cremation for many different reasons. Take into consideration the following when thinking about your final arrangements.


When comparing cremation to a traditional burial, cremation can often be the less expensive option. That is certainly dependant on how extravagant you would like your service to be. A major cost in a traditional funeral is the purchase of a casket. With cremation, the cost of an urn varies from inexpensive to extravagant, but typically much less than a casket. You also have the option to use an item already owned such as an antique container that has sentimental value for your family.

What can you do with your ashes?

In our March 2017 blog we talked about unique ideas for ashes. Some families may choose to share the ashes, so everyone can choose how they’d like to personally memorialize you. Sprinkling ashes in a few different locations that are near and dear to your heart is also a possibility.

Environmental Aspect

If environmental concerns are near and dear to your heart, cremation fits well with that philosophy. Being cremated certainly does save on the land space that is being used. Even if you choose to have your ashes buried in a grave, the space required is much less than what you would use for a traditional burial.

Nobody but you can decide what the best choice is, as this is a very personal issue. Make the decision that will bring you the most peace. 


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