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Scattering Cremated Ashes in Ontario

Published: August 12, 2019

Ontario is a beautiful, expansive province that welcomes millions of visitors each year and is a wonderful place to call home. It is no surprise that many people’s final wishes include having their cremated remains scattered at a place that meant something significant to them in their lifetime. If you plan to scatter your loved one's ashes in Ontario, or perhaps include this request in your own final arrangements, here are some helpful tips, rules and guidelines to follow.


In a Cemetery

Some individuals will choose the “traditional” option of having their remains placed in a cemetery. If you choose to bury, place or scatter cremated remains in a registered Ontario cemetery, you will be required to buy the rights to do so. The cost and regulations will vary from location to location so you will need to contact the desired cemetery directly for information and pricing.


Privately Owned Land

Many people wish for their final resting place to be in a location that brought them joy during their lifetime. This may be a former home or cottage, a special meeting place, a significant landmark in their personal history - many of which may stand on privately owned land. It is absolutely acceptable to scatter cremated remains on private property but ONLY with the consent of the landowner. If this person is a friend or family member, the conversation should be relatively easy. If the landowner is a stranger, you may want to seek the assistance of your estate lawyer or a mutual acquaintance to start the conversation. 


if a landowner chooses to allow repeated scatterings to take place on their property, they must establish that land as a cemetery and have a licensed cemetery operator for the land in question.

Municipally Owned Land

Public parks, beaches and walking trails are popularly requested locations for scattering remains. As with privately owned land, you will need to seek out the permission of the municipality in which the desired location resides. It is not necessarily prohibited but each individual municipality has its own set of guidelines and by-laws. 


Crown Land

Avid boaters, cottagers or outdoors people may feel a special connection to Ontario’s vast wilderness and Crowl land.  Approximately 90% of Ontario is designated as Crown land, which includes the Great Lakes, provincial parks, and conservation reserves. You are permitted to scatter cremated remains on Crown land, including land covered by water if it is unoccupied and there are no signs or postings that prohibit scattering.


No matter how you choose to fulfill your final wishes or those of someone you love, Susan LeClair of LeClair Cremation Centre is available to help answer your questions and guide you through the process with compassion, dignity and respect. Contact Susan at 705-527-8955. 


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